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Farm Cup Coffee wants you to consider the origin of every cup (or three) of its delicious coffee!

The Story

Emerson and Tony work with small farms around the world to create the most flavorful and ethical single origin coffees. They purchase directly from the farmers in order to give them maximum profit and use a percentage of sales to support causes that benefit the region in which the coffee was farmed.

Representation of countries around the world continues to expand at Farm Cup. With descriptions like “direct trade”, “rain-washed”, and “bird-friendly”, one can create an image of life on these farms. Each farm has its own beautiful profile on the site, so you can truly get to know the producers.

Farm Cup partners with organizations around the world to give you the highest quality coffee with the smallest footprint on the environment.

Positive Impacts Beyond the Farm

While offering the fair pay to farmers is the key part of Farm Cup’s mission, their ethical efforts do not stop there! Farm Cup currently donates to the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica and will expand their giving reach soon. A percentage of sales will go toward causes that affect the people in the region where the coffee was farmed.

Hoping to make a difference beyond the farmer, the team plans to donate to wildlife preservation, sustainability, and education efforts.

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